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Wireless Network Setup

A wireless network setup gives the freedom to move and work from anywhere within premises.

Our technicians will visit and configure your router settings including username and password, SSID, and ensure that your connection is encrypted and secure.

Data Services

We all need to transfer data from one PC to another at some point. You might not want to lose those important documents or memorable family photos from the last holiday.

Our technicians can do this safely for your home or office use. Feel the need to wipe your old PC clean before selling or putting it in the bin? We are here to ensure that this is done properly. We provide a backup and recovery service to minimize the chances of data loss or corruption.

Mobile Phone/Computer/Laptop Health Check & Virus Removal

All Computers, Laptops, Mobile Phones and iPads need to have a regular health check as maintenance is paramount. Unused software and old files keep them sluggish. We can advise and help keep them working in the condition expected when you first purchased. Our technicians will perform a full system scan and clean and much more.


1 - Upgrade and investigate the upgrade availability in order to make a safe and healthy improvement.

2- Repairing hardware and software's related fault in a way where the same problem couldn't happen from the same source.

3- Help you to choose the right IT equipment to suit your business needs.



Secure your office and home premises by CCTVs. Whether you are inside the premises or travelling anywher in the world, feel secured by keeping eye on your premises through CCTV videos.
Our expert engineers can assist you in making your premises secure by installation of CCTVs. Not only that, they will also guide you on accessing CCTV videos while you are out of the premise.

Call us on 0208-459-7000 for a free initial consultation and appointment!


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